Its my birthday and my FIRST Giveaway!

Why hello there!  What brings you here?  Did you smell the scones I was baking?  Heard I was off the sauce and wanted to hit my stash? Oh, THAT! Yeah, it’s my blog birthday!  Well, actually it was yesterday but who reads these things . . . → Read More: Its my birthday and my FIRST Giveaway!

Sexy time, a series?

Amazing what happens when you put SEX in the blog title.   Come on in, I won’t bite.  Well, not until I know you better. Last week I replayed an old post where I talked about my sucky sex life and how I would ‘fake it till I make it.” . . . → Read More: Sexy time, a series?

With all due respect….

I had no idea you had gotten experimental surgery to have your balls removed! Oh, wait, that wasn’t the tone I meant to take.  Sorry, Ricky Bobby might be poking around here today. Hi, come on in.  The laundry is done, but I don’t think . . . → Read More: With all due respect….

Wigged Out Wednesday

I thought this one needed some explanation.  (Why is explain w/ an I and explanation sort of without the I)?  So I’m on the fun meds, you know the migraine inducing kind.  And I have a kind and generous . . . → Read More: Wigged Out Wednesday

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