Sexy time continues

Hello my friends.  Welcome welcome welcome.

Lets get down to it, shall we?

Many of you last week said, “It’s not about what I wear, its about attitude.”  I agree 100%.

I think what I failed to express was the question some of us have, ” Great, where do I get that attitude?”  Yeah, I’m saying it right here:  my libido is a flaky bitch.  I may have some great ideas stirring around in the ol’ noggin but by the time dinner dishes are cleared and the darling has fought her way to bed, I’m not exactly into it.

Then there are days on end when I ain’t got nothing.  Hotties on my screen, sure, they’re hot, but meh.

That’s what this last post was about.  Getting back the mojo, one step at a time.

So let’s cover a couple more senses, before moving on, shall we?

And you ladies, the ones with the attitude built in?  Feel free to pitch in here….we all need your help.  (Because not everyone has a snickers bar hidden away, AHEM!)

Hmmm, the old olfaction.  That tricky little bastard.  You know, smell.

It’s pretty easy to conjure up the scents that turn us off.  Settle down Coffeypot, this isn’t an invitation for you to list them, thank you.

And there is a ton of research out there that suggests that women are attracted to men that best compliment their own genetic makeup, determined by scent.

Sounds like a load of crap, huh?  Hard to put your finger on right?  Also a little bit of weird data that doesn’t exactly further this conversation, does it?  I just wanted to see if you all were paying attention….and to make it sound like I did some research.  Heh.

SEXY - GIRLS Pictures, Images and Photos

There was a product that came out a few years ago that claimed it could stimulate the libido through its sensuous concoction of scents.  It is true that scent is the only sense out of the five that can bypass the rational brain. The limbic system, the part of the brain that deals with feelings of happiness and pleasure, including our sex drive, is also in charge of your memory and emotions.  We all have that collection of  “scent memories” which has the power to trigger a guttural emotional response.

Think of non-sexual scent memories, buttered popcorn, for instance.    Made you think of watching movies?  Or times shared with family or friends?  Cotton candy?  Can you hear the ferris wheel at the carnival?


Now try to think of the scents related to when YOU’ve felt sexy?  Is it the scent of you own lotion or perfume?  Maybe its the cologne worn by your first sexual partner?  Maybe you UPS delivery guy wears something that always “wakes” you up.  (Yeah mine does.  Shut up!)

Keep thinking about those scents.  There may or may not be a quiz later.

Move on to another great libido sensitive sense, the ability to perceive sound.

Maybe this one isn’t so hard to imagine.  The sexy accent of Brazilians, the charming dulcet tones of Italians, the fiery expression of an Argentinian,  maybe the sound of the handsome Nigerian at the gym.

Sorry, I need a moment.  Just had a flashback to this post

If you can hear those voices in your head, do they evoke lustful thoughts?  Research done at at Albright College in Reading, Pa  show that voices can communicate a great deal of social and biological information that can either be a turn-on or a turnoff.

Great, there I go again with the random research that doesn’t really get my point across.  Good job Woman.

How about that voice being a low whisper at your neck?  Uh huh, getting the juices flowing?  Or did I just creep you out?

Let’s take another tactic.

Do you and your guy have a song?  Does hearing it get you in the mood?  (Yeah, me neither….wow this isn’t looking good.)

You know what gets me EVERY time?  Harry Connick, Jr.  Old Blue Eyes and yup even Michael Buble.

So are we getting the picture here?  Getting that mojo back?

The lesson (that took me TWO posts to make!) here is that attitude that some of the lucky ladies talked about it?  It’s there, just waiting for you to wake it up.

How? Oh, yeah…that was my point: take the time to think about the things that get your motor running.  Is it the stockings, the silky feel of them on your legs?  Is it your man’s (or ANY man’s) particular cologne or scent?  (Acqua Di Gio, if you must ask.  EVERY.TIME)  Or is that one Journey song that makes you just want to sidle up to your (or any) guy?

Silk Stockings 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Wait, you single ladies (or those w/ travelling husbands) this all applies to you too.  You  deserve this!  Do this for yourself.  I’m serious!  (I’ll tell you a little secret…when the husband is  away, this little mouse likes to play, with myself.)  Gentlemen, you don’t need this do ya?  Unless you’re encouraging YOUR partner to feel sexy again, then send her over here.

Holy crap did I just say that?

Gentlemen, you don’t need this do ya?  Unless you’re encouraging YOUR partner to feel sexy  again, then send her over here.  (I didn’t want you to feel left out.)

Make a list and make a conscious effort to bring those elements into your world, DAILY!   That’s  an order!

And then come back and tell us all about it.

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16 comments to Sexy time continues

  • Jessica

    Reading this blog is probably going to get me all hot and bothered.

    Scent is a good one. I like the “woodsy” smelling colognes, not necessarily for their sex appeal, but because they’ve always just made me feel relaxed and happy. Probably because they remind me of home (Oregon).


    The Mad Woman behind the Blog Reply:

    Then my job is done here. Go enjoy yourself!


  • Sara

    Cologne gets me every time. If it’s one of those scents that gets me every time, it only takes about 2.3 seconds for me to need a panty change, ifyaknowwhatimean.


    The Mad Woman behind the Blog Reply:

    Same boat sister. Same boat or should I say panties?


  • Charlene

    The scent of Old Spice is one of the things that got me into trouble with the crazy X-Ranger. I’m over that.

    The current main lover is always super clean and doesn’t wear cologne. I like that. Really his being here turns me on. I’m so easy!


    The Mad Woman behind the Blog Reply:

    Lucky him! And lucky you! Sometimes it is just their natural scent is all it takes.


  • you know who i am

    two words. aqua velva. ’nuff said.


  • NotJustAnotherJennifer

    woo woo! i agree. here are some other tips. i struggled with being too tired, unhappy with my postpartum body, and being used to not gettin’ any, so it was tough to change gears. something that helped me was to make a day of it.

    when you wake up in the morning, make an effort to start thinking of things you love about your man. your favorite date you had together, best romp in the sack, most romantic thing he ever did, etc. at lunch, send him an email with sweet nothings (not raunchy stuff that will get blocked by his work server). when you get home at night, before struggling to put dinner on the table, bathe the kids and get them to bed, use your secret code to tell him you are in the mood. he’ll be more likely to help you with the chores more (which turns me on a bit, too), so you’ll have more energy for later. after the absolute must-do’s are done, skip the other chores you’d usually do, like more laundry, and pamper yourself a little with a bath, or 10 minutes of alone time to read a romance novel or whatever will help you draw that line between mommy/homemaker and lover. in the beginning, it’s an all-day wind-up, but i’ve found that once we get going again, it doesn’t take much to keep us interested.


    The Mad Woman behind the Blog Reply:

    You know, this is exactly what we do…except for the secret code. Gotta work on that code system…and the getting him to do help with chores. Hmmmm.


  • magnolia

    i’m extremely sensitive to smells. i have definitely been in public and caught the scent of the man’s cologne on someone else. it’s a powerful experience.

    but that being said, the man’s voice is what really undoes me. he’s really gifted at knowing what to say and when and how to say it to just… yeah. it’s amazing.


    The Mad Woman behind the Blog Reply:

    Been thinking about that deep slow voice at my neck ever since I wrote this piece. Sure the cologne gets things warmed up but that voice, oh my. That one seals the deal, doesn’t it?


  • Coffeypot

    Smells, sounds, tender touches…can I just give you $50 bucks and climb on?


    The Mad Woman behind the Blog Reply:

    What am I going to do with you? Oh wait, don’t answer that!


  • Symdaddy

    I’m staying out of this one. Don’t want anyone getting hot and bothered on my account … when I’m sooooooooooooooooo far away!


  • michelle

    Ha! This explains a lot. Over the course of my life, the guys who have gotten me cross-eyed and weak-kneed and close to unconscious with swoon have all looked like Bart Simpson. Seriously. But they all smelled the same.

    Too funny


  • tulpen

    I don’t have a particular song, or scent that gets me feeling frisky. But you know what does? Public places. Yup. I’m that girl. The fear of getting caught. Feeling super naughty. LOVE IT.

    I won’t give any specifics. But my favorite was a place that rhymes with Museum of Science.



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