Its my birthday and my FIRST Giveaway!

Why hello there!  What brings you here?  Did you smell the scones I was baking?  Heard I was off the sauce and wanted to hit my stash?


Yeah, it’s my blog birthday!  Well, actually it was yesterday but who reads these things on Sunday, right?

So you’re here to read highlights from the past year and see how my voice has developed, what I’ve learned, what I’ve decided NOT to talk about.


You know me, I’m just kidding.

So here’s the scoop.  I have been endowed with a TON of cash for writing this here thing for an entire year and I thought I would share some of the love.

If you believe that, you deserve to win this here giveaway. No people.  I’m sharing my gratitude to all of you for your support, your comments, the joy you’ve given me over the last year.

I asked my friend Tehlia to give me a hand and sponsor this timely little giveaway.     We’ve been each other’s followers for a while and I really enjoy her!  Her blog is called Army Wife Living.  She also is the original Creator and Designer for   She makes custom and original scarves, spa and bath items using crochet, as well as upcycled, re-purposed items.   Her shop on Etsy is simply called Tehlia.

I really love her organic cotton collection.   Isn’t this one GORGEOUS! I own this one, in another color and I LOVE it!  I look forward to wearing it all winter and I’m seriously considering ordering another.  Hm, maybe this gorgeous pale blue?

She also has this great metallic yarn that she’s crocheted into these beautiful delicate  necklace scarves that are a perfect substitute for jewelry. Come on, wouldn’t it be nice to wear your bling outside your coat?  OR maybe in addition to some darker metals?   I think these are super cool. Hm,  how can I win this for myself?

So here is the scoop:  through next Monday, I’m taking entries to win a gift certificate for $37 (plus tax and shipping) for your use at Telia’s Etsy shop.    The lucky winner will be announced on Wednesday, 10/20/10.

AND just for you, my dear friends, she’s offering a discount on a purchase, that is if you just have to get more of her good stuff (or don’t win, sad face)! To take advantage of the 15% discount, go to Tehlia’s shop and select your item(s) (you’ll need an Etsy account, and if you don’t have one it’s free and easy to set up – you only need a valid email address). In the message to seller put the following promotional code: MadWoman15, and check “Other” for method of payment. You’ll get a message that says to “contact buyer to arrange payment”, but Telia will contact you directly to arrange direct billing of the discounted amout via paypal, check or money order.

I KNOW! Awesome, right? Just in time for some Festivus shopping!

Only rule is that you provide an email address so I can send you the BEST news you’ll get all day! (Or the nanananbooboo you didn’t win, it’s MY birthday you know!   Would that be bad form?  Okay, let’s forget that last bit  GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL so I can you tell you you won!)
Enter as many times as you like!

Giveaway closes in a week, on Monday, October 18th – 7pm PST. I’ll draw a winner with

Now get out of here. Go shop and fall in love with this talented lady!

(Thank you Tehlia for helping me celebrate this fun day with my readers!).

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