Sunday Sampler Platter

Oh, hi, you’re back!

Of course you are…I keep pushing out these posts and you can’t get enough, can ya?

Alright, alright. My Monday Lovin’ posts was the place where I would highlight YOUR responses to MY words. Yes, those are fun posts and I love highlighting the comments that I inspired. All about me, yup.

But damn, those posts are hard to put together. And I’m well, lazy.

However, I did not want to stop handing out the love. So instead, I’m going to showcase some of the posts that I’ve read elsewhere. You know, give a little love to the bloggers that entertain me, make me cry or just make this blogosphere a better place.  So in no particular order, I’d like you to check out these delightful writers, give them some love and OF COURSE tell them I sent you!

I met Tara from Bite the Bed Bugs at NapainJan last weekend. I LOVED her personal style. Sigh, I will never be that hip. But even better than her cute ensemble, is her writing. She had some humorous posts that cracked me up but her writing about a strong defiant young black woman in the south in the 1950′s solidified my admiration for her.  Please go read her post and be inspired.

Another fabulous writer, who I am so proud to say I’ve met, hugged and commented on the status of her bra, is Cheryl of Mommy Pants.  She regularly writes post of quality.  She’ll pull your heart strings or make you laugh but you will always be impressed. She also has these posts written by mothers about their ‘mommy pants’ moments.  I had a hard time choosing a post to share with you.  I think this one will give you some insight into the depth of this beautiful mother and writer: I cried at Target.

One of my favorite writers is Lori of In Pursuit of Martha Points. I have heard her say she is a humor blogger but when she writes a serious post, she will KNOCK your socks off. Lori is also a talented singer as well. Count yourself blessed if you ever get to witness THAT! This week I want to feature her talent as an artist as well.  Her creativity SLAYS me.  Check out her post about her crown!

Now usually, I don’t like even numbers. Give me a group of 5, 7 or even 13, but house selling prep is kicking my ass.

Why yes, I realize that I shared with you the post of three rather charming writers and yes, 3 is a perfectly lovely odd number. However I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you a blogger I’ve only just met this week. I haven’t even commented on her blog….lets not talk about that shall we? Anyway, she commented on my blog earlier this week and as I was cleaning blog house, I remembered that I hadn’t even gone over to check her out. I am so glad that I did. Her writing is heartfelt and quite well done. Lucky for me, she wrote a post that gave me some insight into her and her family. I hope you go over and get to know her as well.  She is Varda of the Squashed Bologna.

Your thoughts on these posts?  Are you interested in finding new bloggers (and my opinion of them)?  Have a blogger or a blog post you’d recommend? Email me!

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7 comments to Sunday Sampler Platter

  • Ashley @ Just Another Mom Of 2

    I love reading the links you share (and we won’t mention commenting. I’m so sadly behind it’s embarrassing)

    A link to share? Liz’s take on how Twitter is like first base. LOVE it


  • Sherri

    I agree with Ashley about Liz’s post! And totally agree with your choices, Amy, but I need to go and check out the first one…..thanks!


  • magnolia

    LOVE the post about claudette colvin. when you’re educated in the deep south, your local history is civil rights, so we learned probably more than a lot of people do about this stuff. when we talked about this in 11th grade, i remember being so insulted on her behalf. but she herself was right – it was bigger than just her, it was the movement as a whole, and she recognized and respected the triangulation that had to be done to succeed. in my opinion, that makes her a role model in her own right.

    thanks for the tip. killer read.


  • Cheryl @ Mommypants

    Aw, thanks, sister! I am truly feeling the love! xo


  • Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points

    You are lovely, you. :)

    And I love making you laugh.

    I promise to use my Paint program wisely and wield my artistic powers only for good!


  • tulpen

    I have a hard time keeping up with my current blog list, can’t see having time for new ones any time soon….


  • Varda (SquashedMom)


    I have just picked my ass up off the ground after this chock full 3 day weekend, and went off noodling round the bloggosphere and what do I find? This lovely, linky shout-out for my blog from you here.

    Who knew? Thanks so much!


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