Sunday Comment Love

You know its nearing the end of the month when you resort to memes for your content….well unless that’s what you blog is about.  And lets face it, mine is.

(Working on that, I promise!)

In order to give focus to my family this last day of the weekend (read: take a load off), I thought I’d share some wonderful, funny and/o

r thought provoking words of you, my lovers.    Feel free to add more!

Sunday I wrote about being touched by God.   One of my favorite writers said: Of course, when I blog about religion, I get drunk first.

You really should go read her story.

I thought I’d start the week with a thank you and look what happened for my friend Tehlia:

A Huge Enthusiastic THANK YOU!!! For the mention, the kind words and for the TWO scarves that have gone flying out the window today. Just Lovely. XOXO

Trying on a series for size and fit.  Great responses but my fave, of course from my bestest, MommaKiss:

Sex? Where? Sign me UP!
I took a break from feeling sexy. Like a 3 year break. My poor husband. But the past few years have been pretty good. We   have our ups & downs…and one night, it’s not even what I was wearing – I just said “I’d fuck you for a snicker’s bar right   now.” You see, we haven’t had snickers in the house for ages because one kid is allergic to peanuts. Wouldn’t you know it, Mr. Kiss got up from the recliner and walked to the office, returning with not 1 but 2 [mini] snickers. He had been away recently and bought that $12 pack of candy from the mini-bar. Damn straight, I had to follow through.

My point is – for me – it’s not something I wear, it’s more the attitude…mine if I’m alone and both if necessary [if you know what I mean]. I guess a good bra never hurt, but it just ends up on the floor, now doesn’t it?

The easiest meme of the week brought us THIS gem from Coffeypot:

I like the ammo dump just outside the door. When you are chasing the hubs out of the house you have a great supply of rocks to throw after him. Good idea!

Thursday, tedious Thursday, my listorama inpired my friend Tulpen to say this:

I just may check some of those out later.

Oh who am I kidding, gonna get drunk, leave some inappropriate comments throughout the blogosphere, move on to some smut and then maybe get some.

Which of course then inspired this from Momma:

I’m hoping Tulpen gets all inappropriate with me.  Crossing fingers over here.  Legs by the way?  Not crossed.  Not even close #openwidekids!

Yeah, thems my girls!

And finally, Friday, I let it all hangout.  And it was a perfect opportunity for Sara to do the same:  

FUCK YOU girl at work who feels the need to creep into my cubicle like a Native American so I don’t have time to close Facebook!

Wow Sara, tell us how you really feel!

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