Stream of Consciousness meets Truth challenge.

So I’ve wanted to write these stream of consciousness posts for a while.  Every Sunday someone would tweet about a link to theirs, I’d read it and feel like I knew that writer even better than I did before.

The funny thing is that this is actually exactly how I write.  Sure, I’ve given thought to posts before I sit down to write them. I have an idea about the content but I never think about where I’m going with the post. The big difference is whether or not I hit publish.

I did that this week. Sat down and poured out my heart and then hit publish. Didn’t stop to think about being vulnerable, sounding like a big wimp or even worried that people will think I’ve let this blog take over my life. No, those thoughts would come later. They have and I’m doing my best to dispel them.

I’m also doing these 30 Days of Truths, so lets kill 2 birds with one post.  Today: what you NEVER get complimented on.  Well, that would be my elbows, ears and eyesight. But then, who does?

Or my critical thinking. I’ve given it up, I spread myself to thin and don’t apply myself. I have a critical eye, I know how to use. Maybe its time I show off that quality. Hm?   Oops…. Times up.

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13 comments to Stream of Consciousness meets Truth challenge.

  • gigi

    How did it feel to just type it all out and hit publish?

    I don’t think I’ve ever done that, either. I think that would give me an ulcer.


  • Fadra

    You know what? I realized the very same thing this week. I write like I think. I don’t map it out or plan it out. And I rarely proofread. Although after looking back at some of my posts, I think I need to rethink that. People love well-written posts but they also love the open honesty and emotion that comes with just letting yourself go.


  • Morgan B.

    I love that you are taking part in the Sunday Stream of Consciousness! I’ve been thinking about doing it. I think about posts for a long time before I write them though. I go over it so many times and then I just sit down and write. It might be a good challenge for me. Nice job!


  • Symdaddy

    Mostly I sit down and think ‘I gotta write about the time when…’ so I plan it all out, type it, leave it for a while, re-read it, correct it, delete some of it, add some things and then I publish.

    If I just blurted (can one ‘blurt’ in text form?) out whatever feelings or emotions where frying my brain at that particular moment in time, I think would be in danger of letting my ‘roughie-toughie’ mask slip.

    What would my old Army pals think?

    [strikes manly pose and growls]



  • Pampered Patty

    I also write like I talk and think. It’s funny because my husband was reading a post of mine and he mentioned how he loved my writing because it sounded like me talking to him. Glad you tried it out this week and hit publish!


  • Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts

    My posts are mostly the way I speak but often times I clean it up a bit before I hit publish.

    I have a private blog that I actually spill my guts on and write just as I speak.


  • John

    I totally get complimented on my eyesight.


  • liz

    I need to try this sometime. Did you feel pressured to come up with something relevant in that 5 minutes?


  • Paige Morgan

    I have told you, but must tell you again, I think you are amazing and your stream is brave. Right now, I have a choke hold on my stream of consciousness, a very tight choke hold.


  • The Flying Chalupa

    Love stream of consciousness – so artistic just by flowing. Very brave of you to do this, but can totally picture it. You’re ballsy that way. As for critical thinking, that’s so overrated. And unnecessary according to Bravo TV, my bible.


  • Melissa

    I love this idea! Maybe I’ll try it out myself …


  • Melissa

    I’m not sure if it was an official stream of consciousness, but it helped me say what I needed to say:


  • Melissa, Oh?

    [...] didn’t know how to get these words out until I read this blog post about just sitting down and writing and not planning it out and not overthinking it and just [...]

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