Oh, you shouldn’t have.

Quick, come inside! The house is spotless, you HAVE to see it. And then sit on my hands so I can’t get anything out. And do you mind looking after the mail? It has a tendency to spread throughout the house. Its like it has feet!

Oh, and if you didn’t read my tweets about it, we know what flavor of kid we’re having! This should be a pretty clear pic:

How's THAT for proof?

Oh yes, if you want to send name suggestions, I’m all ears. I’m pretty sure I’m not using “Effen” as a middle name but it has been discussed.

So, on with the 30 Days of Truth posts.  Today’s prompt:   Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

This is fun. Before Maddy was born, it was my ass.


Okay, I’ll give you something more revealing than that….unless that is EXACTLY what you want to see. Because you know I’ll do it. I’ll post a pic of my boom boom. But it isn’t my pride and joy anymore. (Though I haven’t given up hope. A spin bike is on my shopping list for the new house, because, I miss my ghetto booty. The MomButt is for the birds!)

I’d have to say that the compliment I get the most (or I take it as a compliment) is how approachable I am. My mom used to say that I didn’t know a stranger, that I saw a crowd as a bunch of friends I haven’t met yet.

Its true, I love meeting people, finding out what they’re about, making those connections. I get quite giddy about it. (Annoys the hell out of Adonis.)

Yeah, I sort of mailed this in. Bite me.

Now what about you….come on, it’s an open invitation for some bragging. Bring it!

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13 comments to Oh, you shouldn’t have.

  • Mandyland

    Interesting question. I get told I have good skin a lot. I think I’d rather be told I have a nice butt.

    I do get complimented (at least that’s how I take it) on my organization skills. Because I live for things like label makers and key codes. No. Seriously. I do.


  • Coffeypot

    What people compliment me on the most is I go home early. It seems Coffey goes a long way in a short time.


  • Paige Morgan

    Yeah for the boy. I understand about Effin. We’ll think of Plan B!


  • Nichole

    I get the most compliments on my eyes and my ability to make everyone feel comfortable.
    True? ;)
    And your booty? Still smokin hot.


  • Poppy

    Congrats on the boy…as the mother of 2 girls and then a little boy, I love having a son.
    My mom told my great aunt and uncle when my second daughter was born that it was a girl flavor because we hadn’t yet decided on her name. Well, they thought we named her flavor and told all of their friends in the retirement community of the strange name we chose for our child.


  • Symdaddy

    I never get complimented on anything!

    I’m often told though “I miss you when you are not here!”

    That in itself would be nice if it wasn’t quickly followed by “What? You still here?”

    I have a stack of compliments ready to be paid … one per ‘bod’-shot! Get yer bits out n start snappin’!


  • tulpen

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re having a boy. Boys are so much better than girls… did I say that out loud?


    I get compliments on my height. Yeah. ‘Cause I can so control that one.

    And about how approachable I am? Notsomuch. Quite the opposite. Apparently people think I’m a bitch.


  • CDG

    I think I will be the judge of that ass, thankyouverymuch!

    I, too, am all about the meeting people, except when I’m not. Go figure.

    And it bugs the crap out of Mark when I’m all chatty with the masses. Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t get my tweeting…


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  • Coffeypot

    Oh, yeah! The little dude has a great Wanger. Maybe you should name him John Holmes.


  • mommakiss

    The Peni? Rocks! Kick ASS for a boy. You OK with that?

    I get complimented on my feet. Weird, no?


  • Jill VT

    So very very happy for you – you will love having a little boy! (And believe me he will love his mama…) Also glad everything seems to be going well with the pregnancy…

    I get this a lot: “you look so good for having 5 kids.” But is that a compliment or not?!


  • Morgan B.

    A boy! What a turn of events this time around, eh? He’s going to be amazing. I just know it.

    You do have a great ass. I’ve seen a picture of it and I fully intend on bumping it at BlogHer.


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