Monday lovin’

Come in, come in!  Due to a recent stomach bug (and the PG stuff) we’re well stocked on ciders and beer.  The kid has been super cute lately but then I’ve been a little sleep deprived so everything strikes me as funny or incredibly sad.  (Hormones anyone?)  Ever seen a toddler try to jump?  So cute.

Anyway, time for me to fess up.  I’ve dropped out of NaNoWriMo.  I did enjoy the writing and will share some of Bunny’s stories here but I was missing having the time to read you guys.  I missed my community.  Plus Adonis wasn’t supportive AND was sick over the last few days. There was no way I was going to be able keep up the 1667 words/day schedule.

And just in case you get any crazy ideas, I’m NOT doing NaBloPoMo either!  NO THANK YOU!

Coming up this week, I’ve got a couple of guest posts and let me tell you I’ve got my girly bits all atwitter AND my panties in a bunch.  I am SO excited (in case that last bit didn’t translate.)  It’s also time for more booby pics. Or just showing off my bra collection.

Anyway, lets get down to the love, shall we?

You know what cracks me up? That you guys comments on my comment love posts!  And its gold.  Repeat offender, Symdaddy shared this:

Aaaaah! Ain’t you a sweetie!  That plug, and the fact that my lil’ ‘piece’ tickled your fancy, has earned you one of my custard and chilli pizza’s (one of my better idea’s) which will be in the post to you this very day.  (Yikes, Custard and Chilli Pizza? The dude DOES live in Wales!).

More boobs please!  Hmmmmm! Bum’s get bigger in pregnancy too, don’t they?

To all you other sinners out there … Repent! Or visit my page (which ever you consider the lesser of two evils).

Whoa! I just thought …. I tickled her fancy! Damn! I got some long arms!!!

Sorry MommaKiss.

Tuesday, I may have overshared some sexy time tips for heating it up it the bedroom, Mad Woman style. You are ALL welcome!  While a few of you had suggestions (thank you, I’ve made a list!) I had to laugh out loud at San Diego Momma:

It’s like you’re in my bedroom. Does this webcam go both ways??


On Thursday, I was quite honored to have Kelly from Bama on the Brain come talk about childhood homes and not being able to return. Here is my chance to comment:

Holy shit, I hope you guys got that I was saying that MY words wouldn’t be as eloquent as hers.  Crap, sometimes I really put my foot in my mouth! Anyway, this post made me desperately miss the solitude of my high school bedroom with my on little vanity and SWOON walk-in closet.  Mom had picked a very sophisticated wallpaper pattern which was the perfect setting for my long hours of lounging and reading. And still plenty of room for dance moves!  Oh how I miss having my own space to be completely me (and listen to my absolutely atrocious taste in music!)

This post touched many of you, either in that there really wasn’t a place you called home or that it’s been long gone.  But my favorite comment was the sentiment expressed by Joana: That’s it – a place where you can have a big mug of tea- that’s home.  And of course let me not forget my bestest bloggy babe, Momma Kiss:  I now have learned that home is where Mom is…  Just live in the memories.

To end the week, I shared a favorite new recipe.  I would be remiss if i didn’t share the honesty of Tulpen:  Didn’t read the recipe. I don’t really cook.

So what are you guys up to this week? Besides recovering from the time shift and the general malaise of November?

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10 comments to Monday lovin’

  • Losing Brownies

    I think it’s great that you even tried to keep up with writing a novel. I didn’t even attempt. Maybe you can make a goal of writing it over a year vs. in a month!


  • MommaKiss

    Oh, you know me, just livin’ the dream. I just got back from Mass General…got to see my girl A get her last 2 drains out AND get a lil plumper upper for her chest expanders. The girl had a bi-lateral mastectomy 2.5 weeks ago and she’s got herself some lil boobies already. She’s a trooper, that A. And now? I get to go back to the regularly scheduled programming of working 10 hour days and banishing the mom guilt. Any help on that one????


  • Morgan B.

    Tulpen cracks me up. I love your Monday posts!


  • Pamela

    You keep me smiling, you crazy broad!


  • Poppy

    I never even figured out how to say nanowritemore, but good for you for even trying it. I’m still trying to recover for you dreaming me mean. I swear my pregnant dreams were all sexual which is pretty ironic considering (in your words) there isn’t a bigger cock block than a kid.


  • Coffeypot

    Guest post are okay if you are really to busy dying or something. But I like reading your stuff. You are one of my favorite reads (and fantasy) each day.


  • tulpen

    And here I thought I was phoning that comment in!!

    Can’t wait for boobie pics!!


  • jaime

    hope you’re feeling better. my son and husband have been kind enough to pass their cold on to me :(

    wrote two articles, edited a publication, wrote a couple briefs and want nothing more than to climb into bed and sleep for a month!


  • Cricket

    OMG.. I think you are amazing! So glad I stumbled across your blog… you are brilliant!


  • Symdaddy


    Another mention and a quote!

    I think I’m in ‘like’ with you!

    As you’re being so very kind to me, I will return the batteries and lube I took last time I visited you.

    How was the pizza by the way?


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