Life in Motion -Stream of Consciousness

At 5am, as I hear the cats doing whatever annoying thing they do and then feel the Dude roll and kick I’m made mindful of the fact that life is about motion.

Did I meet Adonis on the dance floor? No, but on our first date (at a bar where there may have dancing) when his hand touched my lower back I felt this energy race up and down my spine.  Love followed.

Children are the product of movement, a dance of hands, lips, hips and limbs or in my case, the dance of a team of doctors to collect and connect my DNA to my husbands.

Every mother knows the movement of a child in their womb, the butterflies then the rolls and the kicks to the bladder and the pressing against the ribs as this life inside her grows.

There is the moment when a child comes into the world. Birth is described as moving.  And then that child grows and never stops moving.  The kicking legs when we try to change their diaper, the sucking mouth, on breast, bottle or binky and the constant moving eyes, catching everything. The crawling, the walking and falling, the running after the soccer ball, the constant motion of this little life.

I think of the LIFE I feel when I’m running. I think of my coworker at 80 doing the Lindy Hop, never looking more alive. I feel this baby move and am reminded of life.

These are my 5 minutes of thoughts for All Things Fadra’s Stream of Consciousness Sunday.

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24 comments to Life in Motion -Stream of Consciousness

  • Ella

    I adore this.
    Ella recently posted..My star creature is talking to me Stream of Consciousness 1


  • Fadra

    Before I had a baby, I knew what it felt like to be pregnant. I had dreams of the feeling of a baby in my belly. And it never disappointed and that movement is probably the thing that will always stay with me.


  • BLissed-Out Grandma

    Your consciousness is streaming very nicely today.


  • Tiffany

    That motion keeps me sane most days. As long as I keep moving, I stay happy. *ejects self from desk chair*


  • Jill VT

    That was very eloquent…made me miss all those little thumps and bumps of a baby inside…
    Jill VT recently posted..Snow- Wii- and West Versus East


  • Sherri

    This? Is all sorts of awesome. I just love it….tweeting it for sure.
    Sherri recently posted..Knock Knock!


  • Rusti

    I love this… it was beautiful.

    although it really didn’t help with the Baby Fever I’m starting to feel coming on… I’ve been fighting it off, but this may have just tipped the scales a bit… how I miss the feeling of a baby moving inside me. *sigh* CRAP. I think I have to wake my sleeping child now and induce a tantrum to get the scales back in balance…
    Rusti recently posted..Stream of Consciousness Sunday- Guilty


  • Redshoes51

    I recall when my “once upon a time” wife was pregnant with our first child. We were traveling somewhere… she had a cup of coffee in her hand, and was resting it against her stomach. All of a sudden the cup and coffee was going EVERYWHERE!!! She had this look on her face and said, ‘The baby kicked the cup out of my hand!’

    I can only imagine that the heat from the coffee cup was uncomfortable and the baby was responding to it…

    Of course, it could have been a random movement as well…



  • tulpen

    Constant motion for sure.

    Enjoy that motion inside you… I missed it so after my second was born… knowing I’d never feel it again.
    tulpen recently posted..Maybe Iron Man Can Reinforce My Pity Deflector Shield


  • Tracie

    I absolutely love this. There were many things about pregnancy that were hard, and that I did not love so much…but that first moment of movement-that was beautiful, and every movement after that was just as precious.
    Tracie recently posted..The Hat Room


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  • Symdaddy

    Dunno what to say this post as I have never been pregnant; never had my stomach stretched by anything other than too many pizza’s; never been kicked in the guts from the inside!

    I suppose it’s a girlie-thing!

    Anyway, I hope all is well with you and continues to be so.
    Symdaddy recently posted..In Laws


  • Jackie

    I really want to do one of these sometime! I always forget though! It’s Sunday and all…

    I swear I can still feel the baby move inside me and I am not pregnant! It truly is an amazing feeling. Much better on the inside than outside that’s for sure!
    Jackie recently posted..Hurricane


  • Cold As Heaven

    Stream of Conciousness Sunday, that’s a cool heading for a series. Looking forward to next Sunday >:)


  • MommaKiss

    it was so stupidly incredible to feel that kid from the inside. to feel feet and hands and hiccups.

    you still running aren’t you? damn woman, stop being so active (and embarrassing me.)
    MommaKiss recently posted..FFO 2-4-11


  • Kim

    The one thing about pregnancy I wish I could hold onto was the feeling of my kids moving within me. Their impatience to grow, push my organs aside so they could stretch out, to dance when they heard music, to poke me back when I poked my belly bump, to throw themselves from my womb the moment they were ready. That was something else.
    Kim recently posted..Weight


  • Melisa

    I will miss the movement…I only have about 21 more days before our baby girl arrives. This is such a sweet sentiment!
    Melisa recently posted..Stream of Consciousness Sunday- Two


  • Shell

    All that in 5 minutes? You are one fabulous writer!


  • Coffeypot

    I’ve never had a baby grow in side me, but I have had some awesome gas build-up. My release is much more fun and relieving than you child birth, too. I just have to be careful to not have my back to an open flame.
    Coffeypot recently posted..Home Is The Sailor- Home From The Sea


  • Paige Morgan

    You are an amazing writer! xoxo


  • julie

    LOVE this…if this is your stream of consciousness, holy crap, lady. You are a natural writer!

    And you are so right. Life is about motion. In all ways. Emotional, physical. Literal, figurative.

    We move until we can’t move anymore. And try to enjoy the ride along the way.

    Thanks for sharing ~
    julie recently posted..Today call me sloped


  • Melissa (Confessions of a Dr.Mom)

    Wow, I absolutely love this. Lovely words, honest, true, and really well written :)
    Melissa (Confessions of a Dr.Mom) recently posted..Bothered by Bedwetting


  • Poppy

    I think the motion was the only thing I enjoyed about being pregnant. Didn’t mind that it kept me up. Didn’t care for the constant vomitus motion though. I’m thinking you might be doing the Lindy Hop when you’re 80…or maybe the Macarena *trick the young uns into thinking it was cool back in the day.


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