Fine Man Friday: Cha Cha Cha or pass the salsa!

Yo, have to shout out to even more new readers:  welcome all!

And as a welcoming gift, I present to you my Fine Man Friday.  Its become a tradition around here.  For some it may get the motor running for the weekend and for others, maybe inspiration to get to the gym?  Hmmmmm?

My thanks to Miss Ally at Calling People Names for inspiring me.  She talked about her Zumba class this week and yes, you MUST go to her blog and read about it.  I’ll understand if you don’t make it back here before finding a class of your own.

So off I trotted to the gym (after pissily waiting for the Hubs to get home to watch the Mads), got a parking spot with reasonable ease…good way to start these things and went to face the music.

I should probably give you a little background:  me and choreography are NOT friends!  It’s so bad I’ve dropped out of most anything that requires more than 3 consecutive series of motions.  I’ll stick to my wii fit and running, thank you.  But Ally wrote such a convincing post, I had to give it a try.  I at least can do a box step and grapevine.

The class was PACKED!  Women of all ages, races, dance abilities, and self image…yup you can tell the ones who just want to move, who are doing this under duress and the ones that are hoping this will be the trick to getting into those skinny jeans….we won’t talk about my motivation.

So enough about all this…if you want to know about Zumba, go to Ally’s post.  I’m serious.  What I’m hear to tell you is what I told her….this stuff can only lead to a heightened libido, I swear!  I came home ready to jump the Hubs (too bad he can be as thick as two short planks!).

The founder of Zumba, Beto Perez, while having a gorgeous set of abs, doesn’t quite fit the high profile status of a FMF man so here are a few stand ins, hope you don’t mind:

Mr Kelly Ripa, I mean, Mark Consuelos

Or maybe a little Bratt…not usually a fan of this much facial hair but he can pull it off.  He can also pull off my…oh, sorry, got carried away:

And sorry folks, he isn’t aging well, but he’s had some fine moments and hell, I’m up for some voice porn.  This man has a velvet tongue:

So Hubs, if you’ve read this and then find me w/ my eyes close at some intimate moment later, yeah, this is what I’m thinking about.  You’ve been warned.

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8 comments to Fine Man Friday: Cha Cha Cha or pass the salsa!

  • Krista

    I love Zumba! Also a fan of the Bratt, but agree with you about the not aging so well.


  • MommaKiss

    I can't do zumba because I'm white and I was hit with the 'uncoordinated' stick at birth. Can't move to a groove to save my life.

    And Mark C is indeed HAWT. However, I think he's shorter than me. And that's difficult to do. Therefore, can't drool over him vertically. Horizontally, now, that's another story.


  • Jodie Kash

    That Javier Bardem cracks my nut. Caliente.


  • tulpen

    Oh, I AM a fan of facial hair, BIG FAN, and Mr Bratt rocks it with such hotness!

    thanks for the eye candy!


  • otherworldlyone

    Dear Mr. Kelly Ripa,

    Who wears short shorts?! YOU wear short shorts!

    Dear Mad Woman,

    I'm so glad you tried it! So…yes? Are you going back? I know I'm not the best dancer, but I tell ya, after I get out of that class and walk to my car (or around the grocery store) in my work out clothes, I can't help put swish my hips a little more. Feelin' sexy. RAWR!

    Happy friday, lady!


  • injaynesworld

    Sadly, no, Antonio isn't aging well.

    As for Mark, it is me or does his head look too small for his body? I mean, I like both parts — just not quite sure I like them together.


  • jillconyers

    You made it to the gym!! Enjoyed our FMF so I'll be back next week :)


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