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Sunday morning rant

I know, it isn’t the time for this, is it? Sundays are supposed to be warm and fuzzy moments with breakfast in bed, snuggling with your lovelies and rainbows and mistletoe or some such. Not mine. I blame this morning’s thorn in my side on this delight: No offense to you, Fisher Price Oh yeah,…

All good things must come to an end.

Yeah, what he said. Who knew a month of blog posts, mostly memes, could be so exhausting? This week I was grateful for them.  There was very little creativity involved, no sleepless nights dreaming up post topics.  No head scratc


Um, I was supposed to post today, huh?  Damn, should had put down that last glass of wine last night. Oh hi there, cute little heads over there.  There is still plenty of margies to be had but don’t wait too long, they are the MIL’s fave.

Monday Monday

Do do, do, do do do. Do do, do, do, do do. Sorry, I sort of like that song. Carpooled with the husband this morning and got some stuff off my chest: like feeling like I don’t own my life.  Not like it’s out of control just that it isn’t mine

Filler post

Hi peeps!  And welcome to the new heads over there on the right.  I do hope to live up to what you were expecting to find here! But its not happening today! Does anyone have some toothpicks to hold my eyelids open?  This coffee ain’t d

Gamma’s visit

Gamma’s visit went off without a hitch.  Essentially I carefully avoided any trigger topics that might lead to the discussion of anything uncomfortable.  I did it as much for her as I did for me.  We have a history of these heart to hearts t


I’ve had the worst headache for about 5 days now.  Yesterday it knocked me on my ass and I was in bed most of the day. Today I got tough, fought back and threw back some vicodin.  I was going to show this headache who was boss. He is.

Too Much

My hubs and I live in an adorable french cottage style house in Northern California.  Its adorable. And small. With just 2 full sized bedrooms (and one small one) and one bathroom, it gets smaller with each person that enters the front do

The Mad Mad

Tell me why, why must my delightful, charming beautiful, up until now CHILL child be an insufferable, whiney little bitchy beast? I’m not kidding, she’s a pill. This started just about a month ago.  Suddenly NO ONE could hold her but Mommy.�

Too much Tuesday

In the past two years I’ve learned way too much about infertility.  Not so funny thing is that I’ve learned even more in the past month. We’ve been trying to have a 2nd child since February.  Our delightful daughter was conceived by in vitro

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