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Who knew?

Will the Real Mad Woman please stand up… just saying the words you all have been shouting. Where was i? Oh, right, who knew? I did, of course.  I’m speaking about an award that was presented this week.  How very apropos, I must say. My dear friend Paige at Slightly Off Balance has aptly discerned…

Six Word Sunday


A night to remember

We had met on Craigslist. He had seen my post and responded. Oh, what did it say, you ask? I’ll paraphrase for you: Searching for a tall, athletic lover of dark beer. Yup…that’s about it. Sure I talked a little about being a trouble maker, or

Wham Bam wrapping up 30 days part one.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m sort of over this whole 30 days of truth stuff. Some of the navel gazing was really soul cleansing for me and then some of the prompts were just out there. I couldn’t make the connection. So in order to wrap

I spill my guts again

No, this isn’t another prompted post, unless you mention Glee.  Just wait and see, okay? I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while and again, I’m going to blame this on the PG hormones though the truth is that I’m a sap and yeah, I’m own

20 questions and multi-tasking

Thanks, Magnolia, thanks a lot. See this hot little number tagged me in to participate in this sordid little questionaire. I know she’s just trying to embarass me, make me look bad in front of all my friends. But you know what? I needed the break

And then the loneliness sets in.

First of all, I’m sorry to disappoint, no booby shots today. Sure, right, I need to to laundry, yeah, that’s it. Nothing frilly to drape across these amazing fun jugs I’ve been sporting. RIGHT! So the 30 Days of Truth continues. Today’s prompt:

30 days of what the

Yeah, yeah, bite me. I’m doing a meme. I know, I’m embracing this Me Me Me mantra…so this meme seems to fit. And I’m a little hard up for blog fodder. Call it performance anxiety. Anyway, Jackie at With Just a Bit of Magic tweeted about her 3

Navel gazing installment #27

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while, probably dropping big hints all over the blogosphere. Then Mama’s Losin’ It comes along with this prompt and I threw up my hands and said that’s it.  It’s time.  Time to spill my angsty crapola

Nothing to see here.

Hey folks, I am not dead, have not been abducted by aliens, Hollywood has not grabbed me up to star in anyone’s real life story and no, playboy is asking to showcase my boobs. I am however SWAMPED at work, with a car in the shop (doubly my comm

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