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Love trumps everything

Hey all! How was your weekend? I’m hoping it was full of blog fodder that you will be sharing with me…well because mine wasn’t. Anywhooooo, I’ve got another guest for you today. Jennifer Barr of Midwest Momments was so kind to take the time to share her thoughts on having another child. I know the…

All work and no play makes KLZ….

…today’s guest! Imagine an elephant, high on percocet doing a happy dance.  That would be me.  KLZ of Taming Insanity fame was so kind to offer to guest post for me while I’m laid up, breast feeding the Dude and trying to keep my newly enh

WTF or Wordless Wednesday

Oh! Hey, how are ya? Miss me? I’ve sat down to write this post 4 or 5 times without getting past logging into my blog. In case you didn’t catch the news, the Dude arrived a little early and its left me scrambling. Also, mommy brain is in full e

The Dude has left the um

….building? That doesn’t sound quite right does it? What I’m trying to say is my Sam was born. Tiny to me, he was 7lbs 4oz. He’s beautiful. Oh and finally has a name: Samuel Ian. But you can call him The Dude. Ssshhhhh, don’t tell his sist

Happy Birthday baby!

10 years ago I met your father. He spoke about having a home with yard with room for his kids to play. 6 years ago, we talked about starting a family and began trying with earnest. 3 years, 8 months and 2 weeks ago, we found out we were pregnan

Colors of my world

I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night And I think to myself what a wonderfu

My thief, my heart.

I knew who I was. I was confident. I knew how to do my job, what was expected of me, and what to expect day to day. I knew my husband. I understood his moods, what motivated him, and what pushed his buttons. I knew my body. I knew what it was capable

What to Wear Wednesday

First, lets not talk about my lack of modelling or photography skills. Also, YES, I have an appointment to address these roots! I found this dress in the junior’s department at Marshall’s. (I love me some bargain shopping.) The detail of the dress

Too cute

Yes, the wonderful spring weather and this little rascal have been dragging me away from the blogosphere. This weekend she got her hair cut, got a new stroller (gotta work off this baby weight!), AND an new tricycle. Oh, AND Little Miss Maddy had

Can I make a happy family?

I spent my summers at the public pool as a child. First memories were of chilly morning swimming lessons at age four. By six I was walking the ten blocks with my brothers or sitter, with or without shoes. Oh yeah, that was the year of the yellow and

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