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20 questions and multi-tasking

Thanks, Magnolia, thanks a lot. See this hot little number tagged me in to participate in this sordid little questionaire. I know she’s just trying to embarass me, make me look bad in front of all my friends. But you know what? I needed the break from thinking…so here you go. Feel free to add…

Wordless Wednesday -Mini Me, more proof

Getting through the tough times

Oh yeah? You ready for another tear jerker are ya? Don’t bet on it. 30 Days of Truth is moving along at a snails pace. Today’s prompt: A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. Guess

Stream of Consciousness meets Truth challenge.

So I’ve wanted to write these stream of consciousness posts for a while.  Every Sunday someone would tweet about a link to theirs, I’d read it and feel like I knew that writer even better than I did before. The funny thing is that this is actua

Sunday Sampler Platter

Oh, hi, you’re back! Of course you are…I keep pushing out these posts and you can’t get enough, can ya? Alright, alright. My Monday Lovin’ posts was the place where I would highlight YOUR responses to MY words. Yes, those are fun posts and I

Oh, you shouldn’t have.

Quick, come inside! The house is spotless, you HAVE to see it. And then sit on my hands so I can’t get anything out. And do you mind looking after the mail? It has a tendency to spread throughout the house. Its like it has feet! Oh, and if you did

Green Eyed Monster

Back again, are you? Looking for chocolate cake? Beer? Boobs? Well, come on in. My savior, the cleaning lady was here so it shouldn’t be too scary. But don’t go in the attic. Household items go there to die. 30 days of truth plods on…why oh w

Ebb and Flow

Day 09 — Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted. Wow…this is one to get excited about, ain’t it. (Your sarcasm radar should be screaming at you right now.) Well, it’s called the Days of Truth so here goes. I’

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  Day 8 — Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit. Great…like I want to relive THAT crap. So I won’t! I’m playing the I’m pregnant with a miserable cold. Sniffle, sneeze, HOOOO

And then the loneliness sets in.

First of all, I’m sorry to disappoint, no booby shots today. Sure, right, I need to to laundry, yeah, that’s it. Nothing frilly to drape across these amazing fun jugs I’ve been sporting. RIGHT! So the 30 Days of Truth continues. Today’s prompt:

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