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Monday updates and Comment love.

Morning! Hope you all had a great weekend. Just a quick note to remind you to comment on my giveaway post from last Monday.  Comments close at 7pm PST  when I’ll be picking a winner! Check in tomorrow for the announcement as well as a guest post for the elusive JenJen of Jen’s Voices.  …

Thursday Thirteen: Adonis exposed.

Before we go any further, have you entered to win the Tehlia scarf giveaway from Monday?  You only have to comment (and as often as you like.)  Notice I’m not selling myself out for follows or a million required tweets.   Just some comment l

Wordless Wednesday: Woo hoo!

Sexy time series brought to you by….

Come on in, the water is just fine! What?  Water? Well come on now.  I can’t host a sex series without a rockin’ hot tub now can I?    It’s really just an excuse to get a cabana boy without the huge water bill. After last week’s

Its my birthday and my FIRST Giveaway!

Why hello there!  What brings you here?  Did you smell the scones I was baking?  Heard I was off the sauce and wanted to hit my stash? Oh, THAT! Yeah, it’s my blog birthday!  Well, actually it was yesterday but who reads these thing

Thursday thirteen, ugh, not AGAIN!

Helllllooooooo! So I’ve been reading a lot of bloggers talking about getting back to writing and stepping away from the high school-like environment we often find ourselves in. Right there with ya, sisters! Anyway,  I’m nearing my blog’s

Sexy hits a dry spell

What?  Hold the presses! Okay, seriously, I bailed on you all.   Come on, Chuck, House AND Lie to Me, all on ONE NIGHT?!?!?!?    Seriously!  I mean, I love you, with all my girly bits and sweet spots and this odd thing I think you a

The one where I kiss ass.

Morning people.  How was you weekend?  Miss me much? I went to a baby shower in Hippy Town and wow, that was the LONGEST present opening session I’ve EVER sat through.  Yeah, the ongoing stream of comments ON EVERY SINGLE ITEM  from th

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