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Wordless Wednesday: where I give you a picture of my mental health

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Tuesday’s Tuna, Bank this one.

Holla!  (Cuz I’m southside OakTown, yo!)…not to be confused w/ Holler, Big D style. We’re loaded with Tequila and Margie mix, Fat Weasel and good ol’ momma juice.  (Friends, friends, friends, if you like a amber or rich beer, you got try T

Monday Monday

Do do, do, do do do. Do do, do, do, do do. Sorry, I sort of like that song. Carpooled with the husband this morning and got some stuff off my chest: like feeling like I don’t own my life.  Not like it’s out of control just that it isn’t mine

Sunday’s blah blah blah post.

Seriously?  Why are you here?  I don’t mean to sound ungracious its just Sunday, you know.  Aren’t there gardens to water, kids to play with and hamsters to feed? No?  Alright, so there is beer in the fridge, leftovers and a TON of zuc

Saturday can suck it!

Tell me why I thought I could write 31 consecutive posts this month?  Did I mention my inlaws are in town?  Don’t see a lot of free time in the next few weeks so I’m grasping at straws. One of the bloggers I follow, Under the sheets-shhh.

Fine Mad Friday, under the covers, yum.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.  You’re going to want to get a towel for this one, and maybe a fan. I only had to see one 30 second promo to get all bothered over this new show.  I know it’s action and there’s a married couple. But once I saw

Thursday Thirteen: still kickin that bucket

Hi folks.We are stocked up on beer (both light…all yours I don’t touch the stuff, and brown) but seriously lacking in the nosh department.  Whose turn is it to bring the snacks?Didn’t think I was tracking who has been clearing out my snack cab

Wordless Wednesday: Farewell Boss!

Tuesday’s Tuna

Oh, hello there.  For you folks who haven’t followed my madness for long, I’ve made Fridays my day to feed up some fine male eye candy.  Well, of course, that is just sexist.  Yes I am.But I’m also an equal opportunity sexist.  Wo

And then a pork chop and pussy cat flew out of her ass.

So I’m thinking about becoming a wino.  2 bottles in the past 3 days is a slow start but you know, it’s only Monday. And when I say Monday, I mean hell is breathing down my neck to figure out what is for dinner for the rest of the week, 5 more

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