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Fine Man Friday: Goal!

This week, my friends, is the kick off to the World Cup.  What better way to honor such a popular sport than to highlight it’s hotties!?!?!?!?! Let me tell you, the research was grueling.  I do have to apologize that I didn’t find more to provide you but hey, these guys are more than enough…

Thursday Thirteen: Honey PLEASE!

Oh my, look at all those yummy little heads over there.  Who shrunk you, my pretties?  What, we’re out of beer?  Alright, alright, and yeah, I’ve got Momma Juice right here!For a while I’ve subscribed to Mama’s Losin’ it. She wrote a g

Wordless Wednesday: Decisions, decisions, decisions

Fine Man Friday: Give this team an A!

Woo hoo!  Finally ahead of the curve! And good thing, because there was is no plan B. (I was just moaning to a friend that I’m always late to the party and then I got some inspiration.  I should write this stuff down!)Oh, welcome new heads.

Thursday Thirteen: Through Hell or High Water….

this damn thing is gonna get done.Yesterday I gave you a glimpse into the mess that is my kitchen and dining room.  No functioning washer, dryer or stove.It’s been lovely, really.What I didn’t picture was the progress we made this weekend. &nbsp

Wordless Wednesday: Hell’s Kitchen

Yeah, I’m speechless.

Random Tuesday thoughts

Helllllloooooooooooooooo my cyberworld besties!  How I long to spend more time with you, to coddle and fondle and stroke. Oh, wait.  This is SO not THAT blog!  Though I kinda wish it was.  Wouldn’t that be fun!?!?!?!The real world

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