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Filler post

Hi peeps!  And welcome to the new heads over there on the right.  I do hope to live up to what you were expecting to find here! But its not happening today! Does anyone have some toothpicks to hold my eyelids open?  This coffee ain’t doing it!  Yes, the Mads had her clock WAY off…

Fine Man Friday – A poor substitute

I took mass transit yesterday because my car was in the shop.  Not bad.  I enjoyed the 1.3 mile walk to the station as well as observing my fellow passengers and their fashion, their mannerisms, their smells even (best first thing in the mo

Grow a pair already!

Thank you all for your support and your comments.  I am grateful for all of you. Glad I said that. Now, about posting.  I really just need to face my demons and write.  And I will.  But for now I’m a lazy ass, focused on work and ju

Wordless Wednesday: Just what I needed!

Kitchen redo, day two.

Was awake super early this morning, more tired today than I was yesterday.  Great.Mad and I had some breakfast while Hubs slept in.  We went out and watered a few things. It had been pretty hot the past couple of days and I was pretty sure

Life goes on….say goodbye to boring, I HOPE!

It’s end of day one of the Mad Woman’s kitchen makeover.  I’ll have to post the pics another day b/c wow, I’m tired.The Mad has had a cold, on and off with a fever all week.  The Hubs and I started to have the same symptoms by the end of th

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