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Fine Mad Friday, a little cheesy? OR is that Hamm?

Yes, yes, I know, many of you will say that I’m a little late to the party. I won’t disagree with you. I’ve not watched more than 1/2 an episode of his award winning, very popular TV series.  I sort of get it but I’m really just into the costumes and that isn’t enough to…

Thursday thirteen: random, egocentric thoughts, and stuff

Title looks hopeful, don’t it?  Like please, let there be a scrap of something entertaining, thought provoking, comment-able.Hey, I’m just typing this crap as it comes to me.  Or in otherwords, just mailing it in.1.  I have almost NO f

Wordless Wednesday: the home improvement series.

The fern bed needs some love, but hey, check out them lemons!Poor little maple, looks so lonely.   Maybe some grasses along the retaining wall?This is a portion of fence we took down this weekend.  I pulled on a piece of ivy and the whole t

Happier times

I recall it being spring.  A lovely day for a stroll.The sun had been up for a little while longer than I.  He had warmed the pavement and made the dew glisten.  All around me were signs that spring has sprung.  Daffodils were in

More IM entertainment.

This stuff is golden!  Seriously folks, this is exactly how this went down.  No flashy editing, no spell check.GF: so did i tell you about the term i coined?GF: voice pornME: does that refer to a voice that melts your panties?ME: or is it m

The CPA’s Wife’s Lament

For the past 8 years, my husband has worked for one or another CPA firm.  Nice scratch, yes, but the hours are rotten.As the rest of us enjoy the dawning of spring, the first blossoms on the trees, the sprouting of daffodils, the first real day

What, Me? For Moi? Oh I couldn’t.

Who am I kidding, of course I can.  Looky at me, someone thinks I’m kreativ!  And I’m pretty sure he ain’t talking about my spelling.Thank you my fine friend Mr. Red Shoes.  Step on over to his place and take a looky.  He’s p

Wordless Wednesday: The shirt says it all!

More IMing: The end of the world as we know it.

Attention: no animals were harmed during this conversation, but we might not have been politically correct.And yes, this was while I was at work.  It is no wonder I’ve had a hard time focusing when my brain works this way AND my GF feeds into th

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