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It’s Saturday, I’m gonna ramble incomprehensibly.

How did I NEVER notice there was a TURD in the middle of saTURDay?  Funny.  Since you know, I’ve had my coffee and some relief. ANYWAY, it’s Saturday, Gamma is gone, Hubs is at work, Madpie is entranced by the TV, I’m on my 2nd cup of Java and life is good. This week went…

OMG OMG OMG I got a button!

Oh, me so happy.  I’ve never gotten one of these before so I’m a little over the moon and will be more than a little obnoxious.That said, my personal worth is not entirely based on the nonsense of awards, buttons and other non-monetarily based a

Ansty Pantsy

Yeah, this is a little teaser. I REALLY want to talk about naughtier stuff.  Like the time I said “I think ‘OW!’ should be our safety word.”  Or maybe a discussion about boobs. However this babymaking stuff is coloring everything I do the

Gamma’s visit

My daughter’s sitter is awesomespice. (Amber, I can’t help it, that word is just stuck in my vocab these days.  I think it’s a good thing.)  She has turned over her house to her daycare.  It’s chock full of toys and colorful pillows an

Goin Shoppin

Hey, Welcome to my new home.  Whatcha think of the digs? Like any woman with a new place, I’ll be doing some shopping around.  So over the next week or so, I’ll be playing with looks of things around here.  Maybe some new wallpaper, a ga

Wigged Out Wednesday

I thought this one needed some explanation.  (Why is explain w/ an I and explanation sort of without the I)?  So I’m on the fun meds, you know the migraine inducing kind.  And I have a kind and generous drug dealer&

TMI Tuesday: Making Babies

Oh sure, some of you call it knockin’ boots, hiding the salami, bumping uglies or “quality time”.  There are a ton of fun phrases you use for the activity that can conceive children, sex.Not in our house. Our three letter word is IVF.The hubs an


I’ve had the worst headache for about 5 days now.  Yesterday it knocked me on my ass and I was in bed most of the day. Today I got tough, fought back and threw back some vicodin.  I was going to show this headache who was boss. He is.

Some Madpie mudpies

So last night the little one had a bath.  She had a gay old time, splashing and pushing her toys around.  Her latest thing is swimming.  She’s finally really comfortable on her tummy and its VERY cute.  (I’ll share some pics soon.

Fine Friday:Who’s in the House?

I know nothing of this man outside of his show on Fox.  Okay, I know he was born in Oxford and that he is a talented musician.I don’t care.  I just like the writing on his show and can’t wait for Monday night to see who he tortures and how

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