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Fine Man Friday a rare twofer

In honor of one of my favorite shows being back on the air, I had to offer up these two hotties.  As you know, I do have a thing for older men and these guys don’t fit in that category.  They are adorable none the less.  And I did my best to find the most…

Thursday 13: childhood memories

As per the usual routine, these are not in any particular order.   Read into them as you like13 childhood memories (some keepers, some I wish I could just burn from my brain)…also known as 13 possible full length blog topics that I’m

Back in the Saddle, Again (Wordless Wednesday)

Yaaawn, mumbling something unintelligible

My toddler had the audacity to wake up before 6 this morning. She made it up to me by snuggling for thirty minutes.  Made my day! And then it got me thinking and I’m all sad again. My Mad doesn’t have the best sleeping track record, as is c

The Mad Mad

Tell me why, why must my delightful, charming beautiful, up until now CHILL child be an insufferable, whiney little bitchy beast? I’m not kidding, she’s a pill. This started just about a month ago.  Suddenly NO ONE could hold her but Mommy.�

Friday’s Fine Fellow

Now ladies, I know some may disagree with this weeks choice.  I’m ususally not a fan.  I don’t like sleazy scoundrels and this dude seems to play them more often than not.Well last night’s netflix delivery changed my mind, if only for a day

Thursday again?

Its time, I know.  These damn dreaded lists.  I know dear readers, I hear you say “Nah, she’s not gonna keep posting those horrid strings of drivel  after the new year.”  Well yes, folks, indeedy I am!  Until I break my finge

Wordless Wednesday: My lastest DIY fixation

Desperately seeking attention

I thought if I just called it like it is I might appeal to those straight shooters and get some fun comments.  Let’s see if it works. I’m falling back on the ol handy list to draw in some traffic. GIFTS THAT MAKE YOU SAY “UM” Let me be th

I’m baaack

Ugh, whooda thought I’d have nothing to blog about after 2 weeks at the in-laws?  Other than to say that I have nothing to blog about. I didn’t step on any toes or open my fat mouth and embarass everyone (at least not that my thick skull notice

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