You don’t have to go to a spa in order to get beautiful skin. Instead you can create your own homemade beauty with your own homemade face mask. The ingredients that can be used in your own homemade face mask are simple versions of those that cost you tons of money to be done at a spa. Also, the ingredients found in most homemade masks are all approved by dermatologists and even recommended.

Food items are something that have been used for years when it comes to homemade beauty and that includes any homemade face mask out there. So, it’s nothing new to see products on the shelf that contain items we’re familiar with eating. So, if they are such common items, why do they charge so much? To be honest, who knows? But, since they can be made quite easily at home, there’s no sense in spending all that money. Since you can get a hold of so many of the ingredients quite easily, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take the time to try them. When you do this that means you don’t have to limit pampering yourself to only when you can splurge. Instead with a homemade face mask, you can pamper yourself whenever you want.

There are so many different recipes out there for homemade face masks that it can be confusing and I know that after trying tons of them myself, I found it really difficult to pick just one to share with all of you. But finally I did pick one that I would consider to be one of my all time favorites. I chose it for a variety of reasons but the two top reasons were because of how easy it is to make and just how refreshing it feels while it’s on your face. So, the one I chose as my favorite would be the homemade beer mask. That’s right a beer mask!

Ingredients Needed:

1 egg white

½ cup of any kind of beer

2 teaspoons of fresh lime juice

How This Homemade Face Mask Works:

Believe it or not, beer is a very soothing cleanser. It has B vitamins in it, hops, yeast, and saccharides. All of these things combined will help to dissolve all the dead skin cells on your face and this will help to increase the luminosity of your skin.

When you mix the beer with the egg white the yeast that’s in the beer will help to create a filmy mask for this homemade face mask that will hydrate your skin and improve its elasticity. By adding the lime juice you are giving your skin a topical source of vitamin C and this will help clear out your pores and it even helps to fade those brown spots you might have.


All you have to do for this homemade face mask is combine the egg white with the beer and then add the lime juice and mix well. After that it’s ready to use. Just take it and slather it all over your face. I like to leave this great feeling homemade face mask on for about 15 minutes because it’s so refreshing. After that I just rinse it off with some warm water.

This homemade face mask dries quickly and it’s clear so you can walk around the house doing other things while it’s on, or you can just relax for 15 minutes while it’s working its magic. Even after using it the very first time you will notice an immediate difference in your skin. As soon as you rinse off this homemade face mask, your skin will feel smooth as silk. It’s amazing and so easy to make!