Trying to grocery shop for one of my children who is trying to eat sugar free is no easy task. Some extended branches on our family tree dos contain a few diabetics. When my oldest son went for his workplace physical, his lab work came back with some results that didn’t exactly indicate Diabetes but warranted some words of caution from the doctor. Hence, a new diet.

Sugar substitutes have come a long way from the early days when the little pink packet of Sweet-N-Lo or tiny saccharin tablets were the only options. Now I am utterly confused as I stand gazing at the shelves of the baking aisle at my local grocer. What is all this stuff? Continue reading “SUGAR OR ELSE”


My family and I generally eat pretty healthy. Out of our typical recipes and snack foods we do have our favorites. However, science has proven that there can even be too much of a good thing where healthy eating is concerned. Here is a list of foods that most health conscious people include in their diet regimen that should be eaten in moderation:

Nuts – Although a healthy source of fat and protein, they are also a high calorie treat. Keep in mind that each handful packs a calorie count of almost 200. Continue reading “TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING”


So what can my neighbor expect since she is expecting at the age of forty-seven? She and her husband have one child. He is eight-years-old so she was no spring chicken when they brought him into the world. It took years of fertility treatments and several miscarriages before the couple was finally blessed with a healthy baby boy. From what she told me they were not even trying for another. In fact, she suffered a miscarriage last year. I remember while she was convalescing. I would visit with pots of soup and plates of cake and pans of roasted chicken. Now that she has maintained her pregnancy for four months, she felt it was safe to break the good news to her nosey neighbor who thought she had gained a few pounds and wanted to know what was up. Continue reading “MIDDLE AGE PREGNANCY”