Personally, I love to use a facial mask at least once a week. However, I’ve found that a lot of the ones you buy in the store are not just too expensive but they also don’t always tend to be natural as many often claim to be. That’s why I decided to start making homemade ones. I would like to share several of those with you right now and hope you’ll enjoy these natural skincare masks as much as I do.

Wine Facial Mask

If you love wine, like I do, you’ll love this one. Not only can you drink it, you can use it as a natural skincare product that has a wrinkle smoothing effect on your skin.



¼ Cup of wine (any kind red wine you might have on hand)

¼ Cup of kaolin clay (you can get this at any health food store)

2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil (also found in health food stores)

1 tablespoon of organic oat flour (also can be found in health food stores)



Take all of these ingredients and put them in a bowl and mix together. Once mixed, I just spread this homemade facial mask on my face and neck. Then I pour myself a glass of wine and sip on that for ten minutes while the natural mask does its work.

After the ten minutes is up I take a clean washcloth and rinse my face off with warm water.

Strawberry Facial Mask

This is a great homemade mask that helps to really give a fresh feeling a wonderful smoothness to your skin. It smells great too.



10 strawberries

¼ Cup of bee pollen (found in health food stores)

3 tablespoons of raw honey

1 tablespoon of olive oil mayonnaise

A few drops of lavender essential oil (found in health food stores)



Simply combine all of the ingredients above in a bowl and after it’s mixed well I just gently apply this natural homemade facial mask all over my face. Just make sure to keep it out of your eyes. Then I just kick back and relax for about twenty minutes and then rinse it off with some warm water and a clean washcloth.

Beer Facial

Now this one is for all you beer drinkers out there. It’s easy and believe it or not it’s a great homemade natural mask that really soothes and cleans the skin.



1 egg white

½ Cup of beer

2 teaspoons of fresh lime juice



All you do is combine the egg white, lime juice and beer together in a bowl and put it liberally all over your face. I usually let this homemade mask sit on my face about ten minutes and then rinse it off with some warm water. This natural mask hydrates the skin and can even improve the elasticity of your skin. Great, easy and cheap mask to make.

So, there you have it, a few great homemade facial masks that should help you keep your skin natural and healthy looking with very little effort on your part. Enjoy!


One thing I know for a fact is one good way to get healthy skin is to make sure that you include a good natural cleanser in your daily skincare routine. Even though, there are some good ones out there on the market, they can be quite expensive. This is why a lot of the time I try and make sure I have what I need in my home to make my own facial cleanser. I would like to share a couple of those homemade recipes with you right here.

My Favorite Lemon Cleanser

This one is extremely easy to make and it’s one that smells really good too. Here’s all you need to make this great homemade facial cleanser in your own home.



One tablespoon of plain yogurt

One teaspoon of fresh lemon juice

Two drops of essential lemon oil (can find at any health food store)



Just take all three ingredients and mix together. Then I just take a cotton ball and soak it in the mixture. I like using this one at night especially to remove my makeup. I just take the cotton ball and remove all my makeup and then I take another cotton ball, soak it in the natural cleanser and go all over my face. I do this until the last cotton ball comes off looking clean.

As you can see, the ingredients are meant for one application. The reason for this is that it doesn’t keep very well. I know that this might be a drawback for some, but once you use it, you will find that it’s well work taking the time out to make it each time you want to use it.

My Favorite Olive Oil Cleanser

Believe it or not, oil is great for your skin, yes, even if you have a little bit of oily skin. This is especially true with olive oil. It’s an extremely good homemade facial cleanser.



Two teaspoons of baby wash

Two tablespoons of water

Two tablespoons of glycerin

Half a cup of olive oil



Take all of the ingredients and put them into your blender. Then just mix these ingredients until you have a nice thick, smooth and creamy cleanser. I always make sure that I have a bottle that has a little pump with it and then put this cleanser into this bottle for easy use. Once I have this natural skincare cleanser in the bottle I just put some on my hand and then massage it gently into my skin starting with my neck and then working up to my face. It’s even gentle enough to use on your eyelids and your eyelashes. This means it’s easier to get all that makeup off.

I do this for about a minute and then take a clean warm washcloth and remove the cleanser and any remaining dirt there might be on my face.

Enjoy your beautiful skin!


I recently watched a documentary about the Ukraine. There was a bit of a blurb in the part depicting the Crimean War that probably went unnoticed by most people but I seemed to latch onto it with great curiosity. It seems this is the time in history that marked the emergence in the fashion world of the cardigan sweater and the balaclava.

The cardigan, a knitted sweater that is open in the front but can be closed with buttons, gets its name from James Brudenell, who was the Seventh Earl of Cardigan, and served as the Major General for the British army in the Crimean War of 1853-1856. Continue reading “ETERNAL FASHION FROM THE CRIMEAN WAR”


I must admit that I have reached a point in my life where I have to seriously ask myself, “Am I too old to be wearing that?” So, through the process of this deep soul searching, I have come up with a list of items this forty-seven-year-old should not have in her closet and bureau.

#1 – Looks like my t-shirts that say things like “Love Conquers All” or “I’m With Stupid” are all going to have to go. Although I think I am sharing with the public my sentiments and humor, the effect is that I am desperately trying to hang on to my teen-age years. Continue reading “ACT YOUR AGE, DRESS YOUR AGE”


As a child, my mother never cut my hair. It was always very long. When I became a young mother, my son began to grab my hair in his chubby little baby hands. I soon tired of this little game and began wearing it pulled back. I finally decided if I was going to wear it pulled back all the time I might as well just cut it off. Soon I was sporting a very short and sassy hairstyle. Most people loved it and gave me very sweet compliments. However, there were a few of my close loved ones who had very strong opinions and thought I had done a dastardly deed. Thus, began my personal probe into a history of hairstyles. Continue reading “HAIRSTYLE HISTORY”