I got a new computer. My old laptop was about six years old. Virtually a dinosaur and slow as molasses. My new computer is lightning fast. So fast I get dizzy checking my e-mail. I also upgraded my cellphone and it’s so darn smart I don’t even think I needed to spend the money on the laptop. I can pretty much do everything on my smartie-pants phone. AND… it runs even faster than my laptop. Or, at least they ran amazingly fast for about a month. Then, the mystifying slowdown. Continue reading “THE MYSTIFYING SLOWDOWN”


I grew up believing the pyramids in Egypt were burial tombs. The other day I was channel surfing while watching television and came upon a documentary that claimed that, actually, no Egyptian mummy has ever been found entombed within the pyramids. Wait! What?

Digging around, if I did the math correctly, the busiest pyramid building periods were from about the year 2300 B.C. until about 4 A.D. When most people think about the pyramids of Egypt, what usually comes to mind are the Great Pyramids of Giza that are considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The oldest and largest of these is reported to have been built for Khufu. Three smaller pyramids constructed near the Great One are supposedly for his queens. His mother, Queen Hetepheres, was actually discovered entombed nearby. Continue reading “WHAT EXACTLY ARE THE EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS?”


In light of all the mayhem going on around the world, as a mother, I not only think about the victims, but I also think about the perpetrators. These men and women are someone’s child. What must it be like to be the mother of a murderer?

Often these parents have a typical life with their children. Just like all families, they have their struggles. No family is perfect. There may even be significant changes like moving to another town. But these are the types of changes that lots of kids go through and learn to adjust despite any disappointment or resistance to the change initially. What makes some kids unable to manage such stressors to the point of becoming violent as a means to express their unhappiness? Continue reading “MOTHERS OF MURDERERS”


So, I got home the other day, made a sandwich, sat on the couch, flipped through some channels on the television and came in on the very last of a news story that was warning about identity theft through downloading a smartphone flashlight app. What? Yes! Holy Cow! Have I done this?

I quickly checked my phone. Phew! I didn’t have a flashlight app. What about my husband? He works nights as a truck driver. Surely he would have one to help him navigate his paperwork in the dark. Biting my nails and sitting on pins and needles I waited all night until he got home at 4am. Continue reading “FLASHLIGHT APP – THE GOOD & THE BAD”


Trying to grocery shop for one of my children who is trying to eat sugar free is no easy task. Some extended branches on our family tree dos contain a few diabetics. When my oldest son went for his workplace physical, his lab work came back with some results that didn’t exactly indicate Diabetes but warranted some words of caution from the doctor. Hence, a new diet.

Sugar substitutes have come a long way from the early days when the little pink packet of Sweet-N-Lo or tiny saccharin tablets were the only options. Now I am utterly confused as I stand gazing at the shelves of the baking aisle at my local grocer. What is all this stuff? Continue reading “SUGAR OR ELSE”