I recently watched a documentary about the Ukraine. There was a bit of a blurb in the part depicting the Crimean War that probably went unnoticed by most people but I seemed to latch onto it with great curiosity. It seems this is the time in history that marked the emergence in the fashion world of the cardigan sweater and the balaclava.

The cardigan, a knitted sweater that is open in the front but can be closed with buttons, gets its name from James Brudenell, who was the Seventh Earl of Cardigan, and served as the Major General for the British army in the Crimean War of 1853-1856. Continue reading “ETERNAL FASHION FROM THE CRIMEAN WAR”


I must admit that I have reached a point in my life where I have to seriously ask myself, “Am I too old to be wearing that?” So, through the process of this deep soul searching, I have come up with a list of items this forty-seven-year-old should not have in her closet and bureau.

#1 – Looks like my t-shirts that say things like “Love Conquers All” or “I’m With Stupid” are all going to have to go. Although I think I am sharing with the public my sentiments and humor, the effect is that I am desperately trying to hang on to my teen-age years. Continue reading “ACT YOUR AGE, DRESS YOUR AGE”


As a child, my mother never cut my hair. It was always very long. When I became a young mother, my son began to grab my hair in his chubby little baby hands. I soon tired of this little game and began wearing it pulled back. I finally decided if I was going to wear it pulled back all the time I might as well just cut it off. Soon I was sporting a very short and sassy hairstyle. Most people loved it and gave me very sweet compliments. However, there were a few of my close loved ones who had very strong opinions and thought I had done a dastardly deed. Thus, began my personal probe into a history of hairstyles. Continue reading “HAIRSTYLE HISTORY”