Different people have different ideas of what it means to be a success. This perspective has much to do with determining parenting techniques and methods used to shape a child’s character. My opinion in raising my sons was that I wanted them to be good men.

I believe that if they are good men, they will then have a clear conscience. This will enable them to live at peace with themselves which makes contentment and happiness possible. Academic achievement and a financially lucrative career won’t matter if they are miserable and have no self-respect. Often, my achievement driven sister would criticize me with comments about raising him like a hippie or beatnik. Now, however, Harvard has vindicated me! Continue reading “TO BE GOOD AND KIND”


I must confess I am a terrible housekeeper. Like a good psychiatric patient, I blame my mother. You see, I am the youngest of five daughters. By the time I was old enough to help out around the house, all the chores had already been assigned. To be fair, mother gave me a couple of “token” chores to do around the house but they really didn’t count. Needless to say I grew up blissfully unaware of all the drudgery that was involved in the sparkling clean house I lived in. Continue reading “HOUSEKEEPING HELP”


In light of all the mayhem going on around the world, as a mother, I not only think about the victims, but I also think about the perpetrators. These men and women are someone’s child. What must it be like to be the mother of a murderer?

Often these parents have a typical life with their children. Just like all families, they have their struggles. No family is perfect. There may even be significant changes like moving to another town. But these are the types of changes that lots of kids go through and learn to adjust despite any disappointment or resistance to the change initially. What makes some kids unable to manage such stressors to the point of becoming violent as a means to express their unhappiness? Continue reading “MOTHERS OF MURDERERS”


My husband toots a lot. I don’t know if this is normal for most men in their fifties. He’s the only fifty-something man I hang around. Growing up, my mother and father were old school when it came to anything to do with body functions. Things like that were never discussed and only occurred in private. So, I must take to the Internet and explore the regions of cyberspace to find out just how common my husband’s condition is. Must I accept the “farting fifties”? Continue reading “THE GAS MAN”


So what can my neighbor expect since she is expecting at the age of forty-seven? She and her husband have one child. He is eight-years-old so she was no spring chicken when they brought him into the world. It took years of fertility treatments and several miscarriages before the couple was finally blessed with a healthy baby boy. From what she told me they were not even trying for another. In fact, she suffered a miscarriage last year. I remember while she was convalescing. I would visit with pots of soup and plates of cake and pans of roasted chicken. Now that she has maintained her pregnancy for four months, she felt it was safe to break the good news to her nosey neighbor who thought she had gained a few pounds and wanted to know what was up. Continue reading “MIDDLE AGE PREGNANCY”