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Sexy hits a dry spell

What?  Hold the presses! Okay, seriously, I bailed on you all.   Come on, Chuck, House AND Lie to Me, all on ONE NIGHT?!?!?!?    Seriously!  I mean, I love you, with all my girly bits and sweet spots and this odd thing I think you all call a heart, but Lightman, people!  LIGHTMAN! I’m…

The one where I kiss ass.

Morning people.  How was you weekend?  Miss me much? I went to a baby shower in Hippy Town and wow, that was the LONGEST present opening session I’ve EVER sat through.  Yeah, the ongoing stream of comments ON EVERY SINGLE ITEM  from the old la

God talk, look out for lightning! B2SB2B homework

Hi, thanks for coming by. I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while and just wasn’t sure how to introduce it.  You know I’m a irreverent bitch and so talking about issues of faith seems a little out of character.  And to be hones

Widget Wednesday?

hey readers…those of you NOT doing Kludgy Mom’s b2sb2b challenge…got a widget you love?  One that you’ve just discovered?  One that you have questions about and needs someone to research?Comment and include your email address or email m

Its Saturday, so what?

Hola mi amigos.   Buenos Dias, como esta?Order a beer, ask the time and where the bathroom is and I’ve exhausted my Spanish.  Thought you’d want to know.So I’ve signed up to KludgyMom’s back to school back to blogging event.  Yeah, yea

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